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BNZ boss Anthony Healy says mortgage holders should not expect predicted cuts to the official cash rate to flow through to home loan rates.

The Reserve Bank is widely expected to cut the cash rate at its next announcement on November 10 and some economists believe more cuts will come after that.

But speaking after the bank declared a $913 million net profit for the year to September 30, Healy said the bank was facing margin pressure as overseas wholesale funding costs were rising amid a cooling deposit market.


BNZ chief executive Anthony Healy. Photo / Brett Phibb


Explore the 2016 edition of the BRW Young Rich, featuring the wealthiest young Australians and how they earned their fortune.

Atlassian co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar top the list with a record $4.6 billion wealth, almost 10 times more than the next names on the Young Rich.


Atlassian co-founders Mike Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar top the list with a record $4.6 billion wealth, almost 10 times more than the next names on the Young Rich list.Trevor Collens



A looming decline in cashed-up Asian property buyers has prompted real estate agents to urge locals to sell up while they still have the chance to make big money.

Auckland real estate agent Rowan Ma, of LJ Hooker Ponsonby, distributed letters to residents in the Sandringham and Mt Roskill areas telling home owners now was the time to sell their property.



House prices may be starting to drop in Auckland – but it’s too soon to tell if the latest data shows a trend.

The new mortgage lending restrictions introduced by the Reserve Bank officially kicked in on October 1, but most of the main banks had already been introducing them over the previous couple of months.


At least two more months of sales data will be needed before a trend will be evident. Photo/file



Apartment pre-sales in Auckland’s ex-Fonterra office block have exceeded the $110 million mark and construction work is due to begin before Christmas.

Gary Groves of Sanctuary Group said earlier this month that pre-sales in the 88-unit project had reached $100 million but this morning he updated that to $110 million.

“We’re looking at early December,” he said of a construction start date for the $200 million project to convert Fonterra’s former headquarters into luxury apartments.


An artist’s impression of The International apartments planned for Auckland.



No one has more property news and real estate news….

An Auckland man has admitted his part in a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud.

Simon Lawrence Wood Turnbull appeared in the Auckland District Court today where he pleaded guilty to 16 charges of obtaining by deception.

The 43-year-old, who has lived out of New Zealand for years but after was arrested at Auckland International Airport in June upon his arrival back into the country, was facing a string of charges – including nine counts of dishonestly taking or using document, 19 of obtaining by deception or causing loss by deception, and 10 counts of using forged documents.


Simon Turnbull appears in Auckland District Court. Photo / Nick Reed



Living life the tiny way could help pop the Kiwi property bubble.

A miniature-but-liveable home – part of the global tiny-house movement – is for sale on Trade Me for $85,000, and even comes with its own double mezzanine floors.

The house is 4 metres high and can be driven away from the Kapiti Coast yard, north of Wellington, where it is home to its builders, Jessica and Vannesa Ortiz.


Maarten Holl Vannesa Ortiz, left, and Jessica Ortiz outside the tiny home they built together.



ANZ, New Zealand’s biggest residential mortgage lender, has warned of an “outright house price fall”, sparked by interest rate rises or a global recession and cited Auckland in particular.

In a survey examining residential property investor intentions, bank economists issued a reminder that house prices don’t always rise.


ANZ economists have examined what could happen to Auckland house prices. Photo/Janna Dixon



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Sherelle & Don Benson – Top Agents for Total House Sales in Takapuna

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ASB will start sending out the first of 50,000 new digital piggy banks from today as part of its bid to encourage children of the 21st Century to save.

The bank has spent the past two years working on a prototype of the plastic yellow elephant which uses blue-tooth technology to allow people to ‘swipe’ coins and notes from their mobile phone banking app onto the tummy screen of the elephant which then displays the balance of a child’s savings account.


ASB launching new digital kids piggy bank Clever Kash with twins Kimora and Leeroy, 5, and brother Samson Matika, 11, at ASB HQ Wynyard Wharf. Photo / Getty



KEEP calm and stop stressing over whether you’ll be able to own your own home. New research shows Aussies don’t really rate owning a home when defining success.

In fact, according to NAB’s Rethink Success survey — which researched the views of more than 2000 Australians aged 16-70 — buying a house didn’t even crack the top 10 personal measures of success.


Australian’s rank happiness and having good family relationships as more important to success than owning their own home.



A top Auckland school is losing three key teachers as houses in our largest city become an “unrealistic” goal for many in the profession.

Mt Albert Grammar School in central Auckland will say goodbye to three young science teachers at the end of the year.

Headmaster Patrick Drumm and two of the teachers explicitly pointed the finger at house prices, while the third teacher said it was one factor in the decision to leave.




Radio host Jay-Jay Harvey lives in Auckland’s central suburb Westmere with her husband and co-host Dom and their 13-year-old son, Seven.

She’s just released her memoir Life on the Edge, recounting her 22 years in radio. In it she details moments including dobbing in a workmate, making out at work, losing a co-host to suicide, working with her husband and fighting depression with a smile on her face.

Jay-Jay’s life is busy and a favourite summer relaxation spot is in the pool or spa with a glass of vino. Whatever you do, don’t turn up at her place without advance warning. Unannounced guests are not welcome.


Jay-Jay Harvey and her husband and Edge co-host Dom Harvey.



An expansive mansion estate marred by controversy surrounding its previous tenant will soon be filled with fun, laughter – and water fights.

The new owners of the Coatesville mansion, once home to internet mogul Kim Dotcom, are the founders of Zuru, the globally successful toy company behind Bunch-o-Balloons and Robofish.


The new toy company owners of the Coatesville mansion want replace any controversy with positivity and fun. Photo / Barfoot and Thompson



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The standard Kiwi home is earning more than the average worker makes from their job in seven of the country’s 12 districts.

The typical Auckland property now makes $8 a day more in capital gain than the average employee’s daily wage.

The situation is worst in Waikato where the standard home earns nearly twice what most people make in their job – $219 in daily capital gain compared to $131 in median daily wages.

• READ MORE: Matt Heath: Bricks and mortar earn more than they oughta


The average Auckland home is earning more in capital gain than a graduate teacher makes in wages and about the same as a police constable with five years’ experience. Photo / Doug Sherring





Move over, Sydney and Auckland: There’s a hotter property market in the southern hemisphere and it’s only 2,400km from Antarctica.

In Queenstown, New Zealand’s adventure tourism mecca and playground for the rich and famous, house prices rocketed 31 per cent in the year through September to an average price of NZ$959,000 ($690,000). That’s twice the 15 per cent rate of increase in Auckland, the nation’s largest city. In Sydney, prices climbed a mere 10 per cent.


The TSS Earnslaw, in Queenstown, New Zealand. Photo / Bloomberg



MORTGAGE delinquencies have hit a three-year high across the country, with record levels in two states and one territory.

Moody’s Investors Service has warned increased delinquency levels lifted the risk of mortgage defaults.

The situation had deteriorated across all eight Australian states and territories over the year to the end of May.


All up 61 regions across the country saw mortgage delinquencies rise compared to 26 where there were improvements.

In a case of history repeating itself, a small Marlborough settlement may be about to experience a second gold rush.

Canvastown, 50 kilometres northwest of Blenheim, sprang into existence in 1864 after gold was discovered in the Wakamarina Valley, leading to a rush of prospectors setting up camp.


The Canvastown gold rush of 1864 sparked a rush of claims along the Wakamarina River, as the population swelled with miners seeking fortune.



MODEL and actress Christie Brinkley has listed her Hampton’s home for sale.

Brinkley, who at the height of her fame appeared on three consecutive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers, and was once married to musician Billy Joel, is also known as a savvy real estate investor.




Despite the stereotypes of young people as a generation focused on spending with no consequences, young people actually see their money decisions (as well as their mistakes) as their responsibility, our research shows. They aren’t reliant on the “bank of mum and dad”.

We spoke to 123 Australians aged between 16-26 across a variety of socioeconomic groups. We asked them about their beliefs, perceptions when it comes to finance and how they made, spent and saved money.


Although parents “helping out” was mentioned it was clear young people saw their financial security as their responsibility. Photo / 123RF



A single mum and finance guru from Sydney is on a mission to teach people how easy it is to save a grand.

And Canna Campbell, whose budgeting videos have made her a YouTube star, says she surprised even herself when she saved A$32,000 in the past 12 months using her “$1000 project”.

The simple but ingenious idea involves saving money in parcels of $1000 using her clever tips, tricks and advice.


Canna Campbell, 36, has a large following for her saving tips dubbed The $1000 project.




Many think that the Property Market won’t go through a correction phase. Why? Not sure – it always does and always will – and many can’t even remember back to 2007/08. When a market correction comes it can come hard!

We are starting to see some real concerns in global markets and now here locally…








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